About Serbia

Serbia has ideal geopolitical location for business development.

Located on a crossroad between Western Europe and East, Serbia provides ideal opportunites for companies and individuals to develop and improve their existing businesses or to start new busineess.

Over the past 5 years Serbia took steps to further improve political and economic stability, since 2014, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has taken steps towards reducing the government debt, including greater fiscal responsibility, reform of the public administration.

Many large banking groups around the world recognize the potential of Serbia. Largest banks operating in Serbia at the moment are owned by large banking groups from Western Europe, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, USA and China.

Banking market not only provide possibility to choose from the list of 26 banks but Serbia is not part of CRS, so all clients of Serbian banks can be certain that their tax information will not be automatically disclosed.

Serbia does not have any sanctions towards Russian Federation. Realations with China and India are also on an exelent level, since all of the mentioned countries recognised Serbia as potential partner.

Serbia also has visa free regime for travel with Russia, China and India, as well as with other countries acros the world.

With positive attitute towards immigration, stable banking and openness to investment and international cooperation, there is wide interest for aquiring Serbian residency.