Personal bank account

Serbian banking system has lots of benefits, being that Serbia is on direct crossroad from West Europe to Turkey and far on to the Middle East. At end-March 2018, the Serbian banking sector numbered 29 banks, which is unchanged relative to end-2017. The organisational network consisted of 1,633 business units and employed a total of 23,095 persons. Banks could be divided in seven groups Local, EU, Russian, America, Turkish, Dubai and one Chinese bank.

Accounts in Serbia are available in USD American dollar, EUR Euro, CHF Swiss franc, TRY Turkish lira, RUB Russian ruble, GBP Pound sterling, CAD Canadian dollar, DKK Danish krone, JPY Japanese yen, SEK Swedish krona.

In Serbian banks, you will be able to get premium services for your documentary payments such as Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee nonstandard SWIFT payments. Back to back (cash deposit) loans are also available through Serbian legal entities. Separate agreements are done for deposit and for loan contract.

The other very important benefit regarding Serbian banking market is state deposit insurance, funds are secured in amount of EUR 50.000 per bank with this client can disburse funds on few accounts, and with that risk as well.

We can assist you in opening of personal bank account in any of the Serbian banks.


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